Decorating above the kitchen cabinets - Sun room decor.

Decorating Above The Kitchen Cabinets

decorating above the kitchen cabinets

    kitchen cabinets
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Modern Old Italian Fusion

Modern Old Italian Fusion

The client wanted that old Italian restaurant look for this kitchen. We used several shades of yellows and oranges, washed it and decorated above the cabinets with italian art, wine boxes, wine racks and art from Italy. Later we covered the ceiling with grapevine to give it a more vinyard look.

The "I Love Red Flowers" Kitchen

The "I Love Red Flowers" Kitchen

Caption reads: Plenty of old-fashioned white in the kitchen above--but what a difference the red makes! Red, pure and emphatic, is at its reddest [reddest?] when used with bright white. The bold floral wallpaper, plastic-coated, is also used on the front of the cabinets.

decorating above the kitchen cabinets

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