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Cheap Kitchen Decorations

cheap kitchen decorations

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kitchen windows

kitchen windows

I've been collecting hand-made pie plates since the early 1980's. During the initial renovation of the house, when I was deciding how to hang the curtains in the kitchen, I saw a picture in a catalog of a peg board used to hang a curtain and I liked that. I thought it would make a great display for the pieplates, too, and extended it past the windows and over the kitchen cabinets on both ends of the windows. When the capenter made it for me, I measured the space that several pie plates took up to be sure the pegs were spaced properly. It has worked out great.

The Bitter - Kitchen Pantry

The Bitter - Kitchen Pantry

It's a shelving unit you can design and build yourself, using different modules. It's made by ClosetMaid. It's cheap (the total of this unit cost about $110), and looks modern. The quality is ok, and works well for its purpose.

cheap kitchen decorations

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