Gel Window Decorations

gel window decorations

  • become a gel; "The solid, when heated, gelled"

  • gelatin: a thin translucent membrane used over stage lights for color effects

  • A substance of this consistency used for setting the hair

  • a colloid in a more solid form than a sol

  • A jellylike substance containing a cosmetic, medicinal, or other preparation

  • A semisolid colloidal suspension of a solid dispersed in a liquid

I Want To Be In Pictures

I Want To Be In Pictures

While actors loiter waiting for the next shoot, the Production Team for the TV series NCIS review the "rushes" from the scene we'd just finished filming.

Yeah, you heard that right.

And yes, this is the flickrstream you thought it was.

I'm BAAACK! And I'm gonna be on NCIS! Well... maybe anyway.

Sorry to be gone so long. I never got internet access while I was away so I wasn't able to connect or post anything. I’m still having problems finding time to Flickr. Since I was gone so long I have a backlog of housework, business work, and, of course, two weeks of Christmas shopping I have to make-up for. Apologies to everyone – I won’t be back in full Flickr-mode for a few more days at least!

The trip to California was fantastic! I didn’t get into much detail about what was going on before I left. Basically the first week was a vacation that was suggested by a friend a few months ago which finally came together. After hearing about the Queen Mary and its hauntings she found a paranormal conference onboard the QM that was taking place in December and suggested it. It was a brilliant idea! Many strange happenings while we were onboard, but more importantly lots of drinking and partying with the conference attendees. ;-) Made a lot of new friends, and it was great fun. Also met up with some famous and not-as-famous people and will be posting pics of them in the future (for those who are big on ghost investigatory shows you’re going to love those shots).

The second week was a working week in Santa Clarita that work tagged onto my trip largely by coincidence, but which dragged my trip out to two weeks. I hate being away from home for two weeks. Also turns out that the weather in the second week was horrible – heavy rain, heavy snow (the freeways were shut from 5 inches of the stuff), near-freezing temperatures, and winds so strong they knocked a helicopter out of the sky.

"So what gives with this photo and why will you be on NCIS?", I hear you ask.

Well, turns out that there are a ton of studios in the Santa Clarita area, and our hotel acted as a location shoot for NCIS. The excitement started the morning before when the hotel staff took down the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. We asked what was going on, and one hotel staffer joked that it was time for the New Year’s decorations. When we got back that evening I noticed someone had taped orange gel sheeting to all the outdoor windows. That’s when it clicked: I read here on Flickr how production units use orange translucencies to cut the blue (I think) out of natural sunlight so it doesn’t look so cold on film. Sure enough the next day when we left, the lobby was covered in electrical cabling, and large cardboard sheeting had been placed on the floor to protect it from equipment and boots. About a dozen “grips” were running around preparing the area for shooting, and as we pulled out we saw the back parking lot of the hotel had been converted to a small city of trailers.

When we came back that evening the crew were shooting very late. The orange sheets were gone, but the cameras were still rolling. Just as we entered the Lobby the director shouted “ROLL”. We looked at the grip to see if it was ok to keep walking, and he ushered us into the scene. We walked right through the scene as they filmed it.

So not quite a TV star, not even an extra, but an unpaid background bystander... at least for now. And of course, I'll only be on NCIS if our shot doesn't get cut. Odds aren't high it will survive, but who knows.

Mark Harmon was on site somewhere. Never saw him though. They were also filming on the second floor of the building and I think he was up there. I did see two of the guest stars who were appearing in that episode. One was a tall blond guy, and the other a petite Afro-American lady, both in their twenties. I have some more shots I can post later.

Now you’ll have to excuse me: Ok, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!



Happy Valentines to all my flicker friends. Obviously this was taken through glass, at my daughters home (SnapshotsbyStacy), early this month. I love all these gel window decorations. Have a wonderful day.

gel window decorations

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